Ultimate Knee

ultimateknee three colors

Sophisticated design, aerospace materials and greatly improved quality controlled procedures, make the Ultimate knee the perfect choice for the potentially active and the established high activity user. This lightweight aluminium knee, weighs only 2.4 lbs, (1.1 kg) is suitable for a patients weight of 125 kg, 275 lbs. with a max. flection of 120 degrees.

The Ultimate Knee has the unique ability to be a Manual Lock Knee, a Stance Lock Knee, and a Stance Yield Knee, all within the same unit. The use of these functions over time will allow a new amputee to develop from a first time user to one who will demand and receive high performance. This flexibility allows the prosthetist to adjust the knee for the needs and requirements of the individual amputee.

ultimate down stairs

The heart of the system is the hydraulic knee control. It allows smooth movement throughout the gait cycle with little effort from the amputee. It reacts to the natural speed of walking, allowing the knee to move faster when there is an increase in pace, and conversely the knee will swing slower as the pace decreases. See check list for more. For the Ultimate Knee brochure click here. (note this is a large file).

A unique feature is the hydraulic terminal impact dampener, which provides a gentle end to the swing phase. It is a true terminal impact dampener, as opposed to resistance to extension throughout the extension swing phase. We have found that this feature leaves the user less tired by the end of their day. The Switching Cable allows the user to easily change between the stance modes. Billing codes L5828, L5845, L5850, L5925, L5930, L5920


A Discontinuous Cosmesis cover is available. This unique cover makes for a tough easy finished knee with no restrictions, “no smiles” on the knee. The cover fits perfectly over the Ultimate knee and is one of the best cosmesis covers available in the market place. This cover provides easy access to the hydraulic knee settings.

A very durable Knee Ball Cosmesis can be purchased serarately.