More Than Mobility Inc. distributes prosthetic devices to prosthetists for clients throughout North America, specializing in unique and progressive products: FDA approved

The Sensor Knee is a free swinging weight activated hydraulic prosthetic knee that provides swing and stance phase control. Suitable for a patients weight of 125 kg, 275 lbs, with a max. flection of 120 degrees. This knee is perfect for the first stages of rehabilitation right through to optimum ability and high activity use.

The LA Ankle is intended for water leisure activity and is primarily a swimming aid, used heavily by snorkelers and scuba divers, with its easy locking system.Suitable for a patients weight of 100 kg, 220 lbs.


The PPAM Aid Kit is avalable for amputees "Who want to start rehabilitation immediately" after surgery and be partial weight bearing.

See PPAM -Aid Brochure. For Instructions for use. AND Patients Information Sheet for futher details

NOTE : PPAM Aid is available in larger sizes. Help clients get active now.



Customary products --- We are the Canadian distributor for all Ortho Europe products.


We recommend the Aulie 802 and Aulie 902 Knee's Lightweight durable knee's suited to multi-level activities including water use, pool, beach, muddy gardens, work requiring kneeling and locking, and any harsh, damp environments.


-------Sensor Knee ------------Aulie Knee --------PPAM Aid-------------L A Ankle

sensor 3 pics Aulie ppam R BW LA ankle