Sensor Knee

sensor knee



The Sensor Knee utilises a sophisticated hydraulic system that can be adapted to suit any amputee – from the first stages of rehabilitation right through to optimum ability and high activity use.

Sensor’s hydraulic system is weight-activated, providing maximum security, and allowing the amputee to walk smoothly and naturally. The knee also features both stance lock and activated stance yield modes. Its weight-activated locking mode ensures maximum security and protection, and its stance yield function permits safe and easy travel over uneven areas, and down slopes or stairs leg over leg.



Features and benefits

  • Lightweight titanium
  • Terminal impact dampener
  • Hydraulic swing and stance phase control
  • Excellent stability on stairs and uneven surfaces
  • Adjustable flexion resistance, sensitivity and yield
  • Stance lock and stance yield modes within same unit
  • Weight-activated locking offers maximum safety and security.
  • Available in silver, red, blue and black.


4 sensor knees

This lightweight aluminium knee is suitable for a patients weight of 125 kg, 275 lbs. with a max. flection of 120 degrees.

This knee comes with a two year warranty.

Servicing of the knee is available.


See our patient training guide for more details

and our instructions for use.

sensor closeup

Billing codes L5845, L5850, L5925, L5930, L5920

The Sensor Profile Knee is an example of 21st century precision engineering.



Additional inforamation available at Ortho Europe's Sensor Knee Main Page


male pyramid

6PC508 - A optional Male Pyramid Fitting can be used to attach to the socket.

See Sensor Knee information pdf



Sensor Knee Video _--_ Sensor Knee Video for Clinician and Physiotherapist