Sensor Knee

sensor knee

Evidence based Rehabilitation taken to a new dimension. Many years of experience in hydraulic engineering along with a working partnership with a major Design Company specialising in the field of electronics has resulted in an exciting new product from Ortho Europe, the SENSOR PROFILE Knee. This lightweight aluminium knee is suitable for a patients weight of 125 kg, 275 lbs. with a max. flection of 120 degrees.

The knee allows natural gait, walking over uneven ground, negotiating slopes and steps with ease and confidence. It can suit a new amputee right through to the enhanced mobility and control required for activities such as golf, cycling, hicking and gardening.

This versatile knee uses a combination of hydraulic and electronic technology to control and monitor the knee. This provides maximum freedom of movement with minimal energy expenditure whilst recording functions to monitor the rehabilitation progress. See our patient training guide for more details and our check list.

sensor closeup

The Sensor Profile Knee is supplied with a simple to use software application which enables the amputee to view the number of steps taken, the activity level attained and the distance travelled. This information is recorded over time and is presented in both numerical and graphical formats. Ortho Europe's extensive testing programme proved the electronic technology used in the Sensor Knee to be 100% accurate in the measurement of activity, which was not the case with the more conventional measuring devices used for comparison. Billing codes L5845, L5850, L5925, L5930, L5920

The Sensor Profile Knee is an example of 21st century precision engineering.