Aulie Devices 802 & 902 Nylon Knee

aulie knee

The Aulie 802 and 902 Nylon Knee are lightweight, durable, and suitable for all activity levels including use in water/pool, beach, or muddy garden. Suitable for the harsh environment, this knee is designed for every day use in dust and dirt, water and mud, great for working in the yard and mountain biking OR at the office!

These knees are designed for low maintenance and durability. Both knees are ISO certified - 802 for body weights up to 100 kg/220 lb. The 902 is 125 kg/275 lb.


The 802 & 902 Knee's has been ISO passed. Shafts are large diameter stainless steel. Bearing surfaces are precision-machined and function well in harsh environments, such as salt water, mud, and sand. See

Hydraulic Control:

The patented hydraulic control is adjustable, lightweight, and simple. The adjustment clamp controls fluid flow by deforming the walls of the cylinder. A stainless steel spring provides extension assist.

aulie mtb

Both knee's features a standard proximal pyramid, and a 30mm tube receiver distally.


802 knee weighs 1.6 lb. (750 gm), 902 knee weighs 1.9 lb. (850 gm).


The Knee is suitable for all amputees who do not require stance control. Weight limit: 100 kg/220 lb. The 802 is ISO tested (100 kg.) and CE marked.

Extension Lock:

The Aulie 802 has a simple, manual (push in) lock pin. The 902 has a basic leaver. Both locks are designed for work and recreational use.


See Aulie 802 and Aulie 902 web pages for more information.